Thursday, May 27, 2010

$640 million Stimulus Package Helps Healthcare Industry

A recent healthcare stimulus package will soon be released by the government to regional health centers, enabling private practices to get up to date on their EMR software and other technological necessities. Practices are being strongly encouraged to purchase EMR software programs. It may even be required by law soon, as EMR reduces errors and insurance fraud that cost our government billions of dollars every year. Proposed federal funding of regional extension centers is being made available by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The average targeted physician will receive about $6,400 to improve their offices technology.

Electronic Medical Records are part of what physician's offices need to invest in. EMR reduces potentially fatal errors by alerting physicians, clinicians and pharmacists of possible side affects caused by drug interactions and other medical procedures. The software systems also provide scheduling of appointments for patients, operating rooms, specialist appointments, clinical staff and much more.

EMR software also does claims scrubbing, which reduces insurance claims denials that occur often with paper submissions. The electronic billing software is something insurance companies prefer to work with. Insurance companies favor electronically submitted claims: often giving practices that use it discounts and far less claims denials. Even Medicaid reimbursements times are reduced from three months to less than 30 days.

Electronic Medical Record systems can be customized for every practice. At Healthtec Software, they understand that their company doesn't know how to run physician offices quite as well as the physicians do. That's why their excellent team of software programmers, sales people and customer service representatives is standing by to help physicians and their staff members customize their EMR packages to fit each individual practice perfectly.

Healthtec Software packages do claims scrubbing, scheduling, record keeping, alerts and insurance billing. There are several upgrades available to make running practices much more fluid and easy. Some optional upgrades even do automated accounting, automated overdue billing, taxes and legal work by real attorneys. Everything from pie charts to table graphs is made easy by the software programs available.

Records from multiple practices are integrated into one system using EMR. Thanks to the stimulus funds being made available by regional extension centers, purchasing this software has never been easier or more affordable. There are even free demos and leasing options available to those in need of more assistance. To learn more about Healthtec Software, please visit